Take heart

Oh it’s Monday friends!!

After my last post, I’ve been feeling as if I’m one of those Christians who only talk the talk but not walk it out.

I say this because, My last post offered no hope, it offered no faith, it gave nothing, it basically ended with the word SUCK, and it left me thinking that some of my readers will think I’m  a hypocrite. Because some of my popular posts have been about having faith, being patient, remaining hopeful while waiting, etc… basically all things a Christian is “supposed” to say.

I’m just here to say that the bible says,

in this world, you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world- John 16:33

I make mention of this scripture to show that God didn’t say everything will be peachy and smooth and lovely. As it appears, I am going through my troubles, and because this is a lifestyle and faith blog, I think it is appropriate to share my troubles with you. But it by no means mean that God isn’t faithful because as you read above there is a second part to that scripture, “… take heart, I have overcome the world.”

I just popped in to say this. I am going through my “troubles” and I am sharing what I can but I am not here to discourage anyone, and neither am I here to appear perfect and display only the good things in my life.

that said, this too shall pass. This is for the people whose “troubles” have come!

take heart and much love

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