I was ALMOST bullied: Back to school edition

back to schoolhey friends!!

I’ve been seeing a lot of “back to school” blog posts and videos about getting physically ready for school, as in what to wear and beauty products that are needed and appropriate, etc…while, I think those things are important for middle school, high school and even college, I think many will agree that schooling is much more than that. So, I’ve decided to offer something different, I want to share a story about being bullied, ALMOST!! during 8th grade.

By the time I was in 8th grade, I had been in the United State for about 2 years or just a little bit under 2 years. I still didn’t know much about the United States and its culture, I was doing well in school but that was about the only thing I had adjusted to since being in the States. One of the things, I didn’t know about, that I wouldn’t come to know about till my college years is color-ism.

Growing up, I was really shy and became increasingly shy upon arriving in the States. I didn’t speak much, because quite frankly, the “HUHs?” that will meet every statement annoyed everything me. But I guess that made me an easy target to make fun off. One day a certain African-American boy, lets call him David started telling me how “BLACK” I was, as in color, and laughing about it. He will then proceed to tell me how greasy I looked, talk about my nose, my accent, but his funniest joke was about my skin color.

It went on for about 2-3 weeks or so but I just ignored, because I considered him an idiot and I couldn’t be bothered with him. David kept picking on me and laughing at me, basically bullying for close to a month. I didn’t see anything wrong with what was going on till I began reducing the amount of cocoa butter I was using, so I was”less greasy.” Till I started staring at my skin and nose, thinking I was not beautiful, even though I had been told I was beautiful my whole life. I knew something had to be done when I purposely wanted to miss the bus and certain classed to avoid seeing David.

One day, I just marched straight to the school’s office and demanded to speak to no one but the principal. At my meeting, I reported David to the principal and told the principal every negative thing David said about me and that if he the principal doesn’t make him stop, I will get my parents involved.

I don’t know what the principal said to David, but by the end of the day, he couldn’t even look at me. All his jokes seem to be stuck in his throat, and rightfully so!

All this to say, as you return back to school, DO NOT LET ANYONE BELITTLE YOU!! However, I know some people are just mean and will attack you, to them I say, REPORT THEM! do not hesitate at all. Get everyone involved if you have to. There are many people that bullying have driven them to kill themselves, drop out of school and lived a life full of negative things people have said about them. do not fall into that trap!! and please do not be a bully!

Do share this post with your younger ones especially, but more importantly talk to them about methods to stop bullying.

If you are reading this and just started school, I wish you all the best this school year!

much love

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