Happenings of last week 

  Happy Monday!! or not so much because I know many of us don’t care too much about Mondays. However, it is still early in the week and we can all try to make the best out of it. All the same, here is a recap of my last week and some things..

  • I went to wedding which I didn’t really enjoy because there were no seats available and there was not enough food. I was disappointed, but my parents took my sibling, niece and I out to go eat at one of my favorite places, Smokey bones. I completely annihilated those ribs.
  • I started shopping for autumn. I don’t know if I’ve shared this here before but autumn is my favorite season. Ahhh. I just live for knits and blankets and candles for the fall. I purchased some sweaters from forever 21 at a really decent price and the quality seem pretty good.
  • I started watching Orange is the new black again. I started it when it came out in June but I got too busy and stopped watching but yay for getting the time to watch now.
  • I took the biggest exam of my life. I won’t be getting results till the fall. Pray for me.
  • Went back to work after 2 weeks of not working. How about that?!
  • Last week was really tough especially preparing for this huge exam. One song that I played non-stop was hillsong united’s “even when it hurts”(praise song) of their Empires album. I love love that song.

last week wasn’t that exciting but I’m hoping to do more this week. I really want to start knitting a blanket for autumn and also get a good fall reading list going on. We’ll see.  Keep on keeping on friends

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