Dear August 


from pinterest

Hope you’re well!! 

Doesn’t it seem like we JUST entered 2015. Like where are the days going?

I wanted to ask for August to be good to me just like many others. “Ah August, please be good to me…” But I thought of how unrealistic that looked like, that everyday of August be good. I’m not the most optimistic person in the world so maybe that is why I find it unrealistic. 

But, I am hoping for a great month. I want to see the days, use my days, and just be present. I honestly feel like March-July passed me by and I cannot tell you how those months  were spent and that worries me. I want to be able to account for the days. I don’t necessarily need to be doing some form of activity everyday. I just want to be aware of my day. 
So my August goals are as follows:

  • Be present 
  • Be active on the blog 
  • Seek new opportunities 
  • Work out
  • Find a place to buy kettle popcorn 

Hope August is kind to you. 4 more months till 2016 please make it count. 

May you find rest. Much love 

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