monthly round up: March and April


last month I wrote this post about my goals for April, lets see how I did:

  1. I will smile more
  2. I will create something
  3. I will listen to music that uplifts the spirit
  4. I will buy my favorite meal or something I’ve been wanting
  5. I will give a 100% at everything I do
  6. I will be patient with myself and others
  7. I will not dwell in my disappointments and failures
  8. I will give myself ONLY an hour to feel sad or down
  9. I will celebrate my success not matter how minor they seem
  10. I will CHOOSE JOY

So that is how that goal list went…I need to do better!

what I am reading:

mindy kalingI m kind of late to the party, but I bought this book at the beginning of April and I am yet to really delve into it but I’ve heard some good things about it so…cant wait.

what I’ve been listening to:

“touch the sky”- hillsong united
“how can it be”- Lauren Diagle
“come as you are”- Crowder

what I’ve been watching:

CUTTHROAT KITCHEN- hands down the best show ever. I mean…
GREYS ANATOMY- once again, I’m late to the party and I have not idea why I am just now watching this show. It is so intense and such an attention grabber. I’ve just been binge watching like crazy

randoms:gummy bearsI have been eating these gummy bears non-stop!! I may need to set an appointment to see the dentist but they are so darn yummy!!!heating padI tell no lies when I say this is the greatest invention ever and EVERY woman who suffers from menstrual pains during their period should purchase one. I suffer from severe cramps the first few days of my period, so aside from taking painkillers I place this heating pad on my lower abdomen and just go to sleep. It completely soothes the pain and I think it makes my flow passes easier. ahhhh get one!!

Goals for May

  1. work on goals from April
  2. go to the gym 15 times or more
  3. do daily devotions

how was your April?

2 thoughts on “monthly round up: March and April

  1. That heating pad is such a great idea, I need to pick up one of those! I think the Mindy book will also be my next read. Thanks for the recommendations. 😀


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