7: Keep cultivating gratitude

today i am thankfulIf you have been following for about awhile you will know I started this series called “keep cultivating gratitude” after reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. In this series, I would share a few things I was grateful for that particular week. Of late, I haven’t written a “keep cultivating gratitude” post, because I not particularly happy about my current situations. Life isn’t going the way I think it ought to be going, it sorta kinda stinks. But I thought, I’d challenge myself and look at the good things in my life.

  • I know I will never be hungry
  • I know I will always have something appropriate to wear regardless of the weather condition
  • I know I will never be homeless
  • I know I am loved and cared for
  • I know that there are people in my life who lend or give me money if I ask
  • I have car that is fully paid for more even though it is very worn. It still gets e where I need to go
  • I am loved by my heavenly Father
  • I have access to netflix!!!!! most important of all.

what are you thankful for today?


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