There will be a day

Good evening,

I was just in the kitchen cleaning while my mother was watching the news. I don’t like listening to the news so I wasn’t even paying attention but my mother began telling me about the recent headlines. One was about two missing boys from Africa,I believe Kenya and the other was about a depressed co-pilot who crashed a plane full of people.

These stories caused me great pain and sadness, I just began question our existence as people and why this world is cruel. I will be honest and admit that I was a bit mad that I heard the news because, I know what these things do it to me.

As I was thinking, God put this song on my heart, a song by Jeremy Camp I have listened to in years, its entitled; there will be a day

there will be a day,
with no more tears
no pain
no more fears.
There will be a day,
when the burdens of this place
will be no more
we’ll see Jesus face to face,
but until that day
we’ll hold onto You always.

I pray that God give us all strength to wait for that day.
so much love, SAA

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