Sunday state of mind

Sunday state of mindA really late Tuesday to you all,

For most of us Sunday’s are one of favorite days because we use it for relaxing and if you are believer who attends church, then the “Sunday church feeling” is something you look forward to when Sunday rolls around. The Sunday church feeling is when you wake up on Sunday, glad that you are alive and able to go to church, and once you get to church, the worship team miraculously sing all your favorite worship songs and you are so moved and you even shed a few tears, because you can feel God’s presence, you are just amazed by a God that so many people want to wake up every morning and just worship and lift their hands up. You fall in love. Then to top it off, the pastor gives the PERFECT sermon that was seriously meant for you. It is such a yummy sweet feeling, right?! For me, I’ve found that it only last till Tuesday at most. This Sunday, the feeling lasted for just a few hours, by Sunday night, I was back to worrying and being caught up in MY life and all that “wrong” with it. I began wanting that feeling from earlier that day back, so I tried a few things I will be sharing with you.

Here are my tips for getting that Sunday feeling back.Sunday state of mind

  • Review your notes from church. I have a notebook that was gifted to me about 3 years ago and I take it to church with me and write what resonates with me during the sermon. I put down thoughts, phrases and scriptures the Pastor may mention, book references and sometimes song references, basically anything that comes to my mind during the sermon. We are busy busy people and we forget, so what better way to remember than to jot some notes down.
  • Listen to some of your favorite worship songs. I have been loving hymns sung by Selah lately. Below are my favorites, I can assure you, the will get you the Sunday feeling you crave
    – precious Lord, take my hand
    – Be still my soul
    – What a friend we have in Jesus
    – It is well
    – The old rugged crossSunday state of mind
  • Read your bible. Now it is so easy because there is an app called bible you can get on any device you own. What is great about the bible app is, there are plans you can follow, this means you can pick ones that cater to your mood or any situation you are going through or anything you want to know more about. These plans come with a time frame so you can pick ones that are suitable for you, it can last as short as 3 days or as long as 365days. I always do ones that are between 3-10 days long. Some plans I have done is:
    – Fear of death
    – Joy
    – The 5 love languages for her
    There are so many topics to pick from. I will encourage you to download the app, pick a plan for about 5 days once that is done, it will be Sunday again.
  • Write how you are feeling down or share with someone. There is a reason why we go to church, which is to be with other believers. I don’t think it is necessary but it definitely makes the Christian life more fun and pleasant. Being honest with yourself also allows your heart to open up a bit and let you connect with the Holy Spirit. We also have to remember that, the Sunday church feeling is just a feeling, it does not change your relationship with God or I should say, it doesn’t change how God feels about you, just because you are not feeling the love for God, doesn’t mean God isn’t loving you either.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful. Until my next post, keep that feeling alive!!
so much love, SAA

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