an afternoon at Labadi Beach

labadi beach in Accra GhanaIt is throwback Thursday! How are you?

I visited Labadi Beach during my stay in Ghana, I believe twice. The first time was the day after new year, it was Sunday and we went at night. Apparently, Sundays are beach days in Ghana and it being the new year, the beach was PACKED!! I wish there was a more exaggerated word to describe crowded, it was so bad, I almost cried. I had never in my life been around so many people  and to top it off, there were drunk people with fireworks! the horror!!IMG_3476 Labadi beach in Accra Ghana

My second experience was much better. It was a random weekday afternoon and MA just called me to say, “we are going to the beach.”  I very much preferred that.

Labadi beach in Accra GhanaI got on a horse for the very first time in my life. I was scared, I kept thinking about all those movies I had watched where the horse just suddenly got out of control and just begins running around like a mad animal. But I rode or walked it for a while and conquered my fear.IMG_3511 labadi beach in Accra GhanaThen there was food. I love food and food loves me!! When on holidays, please eat junk food. labadi beach in Accra GhanaThere were “Rastafarians” EVERYWHERE. I’ve put it in quotes because I am not sure if they are truly rasta or they just have dreads and like singing Bob Marley tunes. nonetheless, I enjoyed hearing some of my favorite Bob Marley songs free of charge. Labadi beach in Accra Ghanathat sums up my trip to Labadi beach. Thank you so much for stopping by.

much love, SAA

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