Flashback Thursday in food

hi all, 

Since I left Ghana to live in USA a long time ago, I had stopped eating a fee things mainly because they were not available in the USA. Since I’ve been back I’ve struggled a bit with eating things I used to eat when I was younger, almost like I’ve forgotten how to eat certain things and I am afraid of eating them. Thinking I may not like them. 

But two days ago, I revisited this fruit called yoryie, I’m not sure if it has an English name. 

eating yoryie in ghana

eating yoryie in Ghana

eating yoryie in Ghana

you basically take a few of them, crack it open…then voila!!!

eating yoryie in Ghana

 I am glad I decided to try some after my initial refusal when I was offered them.

As  I ate the yoryie, I remembered my childhood with friends and how we would make a mess eating yoryie in yhe classroom and be yelled at and eventually punished for leaving the place dirty. I remembered how we would find insects in some of them and throw it at each other and just scream as if the insects wouls be able to harm us. 

Sweet memories. 

Once again, thanks for stopping by, leave me a comment or simply say hello. Would love to hear from you. 


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