All for Love

This was written 02/01/2015.

last night as I jotted down blog post ideas for February, it being the month that valentines day, the day of love is celebrated, I wanted to share some of my favorite romantic songs, song that may very well be played at my wedding. Hahaha anyways, This afternoon, I felt this urge to worship, one phrase kept going through my head, “king of heaven on the earth be found.” I had gone to church earlier that day and worshiped with the church but I felt as though haven’t worshiped in a while. I longed for the freedom of my own space, my own style, arms lifted up, and singing on and off key, just a show for my “audience of one.”

Anyways, the night before I had shared with MA a few things I want to change and become, and I felt God telling me as I worshipped that, “my Love, has overcome all those negatives things in your life and you CAN be all those things you aspire to be.”


Then I thought, “ what if I fail?” how would I feel and say and think about myself? Then I got this great analogy, or a message from God. HA!it was an eventful night.

I said to myself “basking in his love!” Meaning I am relaxed and confident in the love of God. I am that spoiled brat who knows that her father is always looking out for her. Similar to children with wealthy parents in our society, they move with authority, no fear but complete and unwavering bravery. They go to places they want, become who they want to be and when they do screw up, they just get on the phone and call DADDY!!

I have that. I AM that child. My heavenly father is rich in grace and mercy!! I have a father I can run to when I fail, so I can walk boldly in life. I have father that loves me so much that no matter what I do, he will never turn his face away from me. Even when I forget that love because I am consumed by the businesses of  life or hiding because of shame, love is there and I just have to go to my father, just pick up the phone and tell him, I need help,  I’m scared, I have failed, and the answer WILL ALWAYS BE…I love you, lets fix this. God offers this love to ALL OF US!!

This month, whether single or taken, remember that you are so loved, deeply!! And you may not feel it all the time, but God is real and he Loves you so stinking much and he things you are beautiful and pure and right and just straight up “ON FLEEK” …Truly you are EVERYTHING!!EVERYTHING!! It is my duty to let you know these things, and I pray that you and I both believe it NO MATTER WHAT  and we start living like sons and daughters of the most kindest father.

If you do not like the father analogy then disregard it. God says he is I AM. So God is whoever you want him or her to be. Pronouns are man-made, so do not be distracted.


Anyways, here are a few love songs, not my wedding songs, may come later, but songs about the greatest love of all:

“your love, brighter than the sun, more beautiful than words could ever say. This endless light, shining over all, it leads me to your glory everlasting.”
Nothing but your love,  hillsong united

how many times, have I broken your heart? Still you forgive, if only I ask.”
All for love, Hillsong United

“the mountain that’s in front of me, will be thrown into the midst of the sea.”
It is well, Bethel music

“but thou my Lord has suffered was all for sinners gain”
O sacred head now wounded, Selah

“for you are for us, you are not against, champion of heaven you made a way for all to enter…”
– You make me brave, Bethel Music

so much love this month ❤

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