2: book review: Fight Back with Joy- Margaret Feinberg

Here is to another book review!

Few sentences from the first chapter

New Year’s resolutions are so last year, according to my friends. Many of them instead choose to live by a single word, one that embodies what they most hope God would do in their lives during the coming year. . . . During these God-journeys, a word kept bubbling inside me and fluttering about everywhere I turned. Only three letters and one tiny syllable: joy. “could this be my word?”


Fight back with Joy is a story and somewhat teaching about Margaret Fienberg’s battle with cancer. Margaret was getting on with her life, spending time with friends, attending seminars, and just living. She and her husband’s life took a tragic turn when she found a lump in her breast, which was later diagnosed as breast cancer. Margaret decided that how she was going to go through this rather sad ordeal is to fight back, with joy. In the book, Margaret discusses ways she and her husband fought back with joy. She includes scriptures and stories from the bible in connection to her situation and many situations people face in general. She openly discusses her experience with chemotherapy and the physical and emotional difficulties that she faced.  Margaret shares practical way to be there for our friends and family who go through difficult times; she shares ways to see God in our situations and to intentionally look for joy no matter what we are going through in life.

My thoughts

I initially didn’t want to read the book because I knew I couldn’t stomach the thought of someone going through cancer. I was right. I couldn’t stand it, but I prayed, cried, laughed and got through it. I learned so much about the character of God and the intense love God has for us and shows us in ways we do not see or understand. I learnt that joy isn’t about smiling and laughing all the time, joy is internal and purposeful and sometimes so deep in us we can’t even see it. Sometimes it may manifest into those laughs and smiles, but not all the time.

I enjoyed how Margaret used scripture to back up what she was saying and feeling. She was absolutely sincere with her feelings on wearing a wig, losing her breast and being plain ole angry. I appreciated that because Christians tend to behave as if everything is okay and not show anger in particular when facing life many changes. Margaret reminded me that yes, I am Christian and HUMAN too, so I can feel things and it doesn’t change God or the fact I am a child of God.

Favourite quotes

“Joy serves a useful and mighty purpose. Sometimes it comes through others as a gift of grace, but just as often it requires intentionality.”

“My eyes are his second language” (love love love this!!)

“We don’t just sense joy; we embody it by how we respond to the circumstances before us.”

“God’s love guards us, protects us, grows us, strengthens us and compels us to walk in greater trust and holiness.”

I really hope you check this book out



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