my weekend

Happy Monday,

Here is a little about my weekend in pictures. But first lets talk about my taxi driver.

My weekend started of with a visit to my cousin. I am staying in Tema whiles in Ghana and she is lives in Burma Camp in Accra. Tema is a sub-city on the outskirts of Accra, roughly 30 minutes away from each other, without traffic. But with heavy traffic, maybe 1 hour.

I stopped a taxi driver and asked him if he knew where Burma Camp in Accra was, he responds with a yes. Next, I asked him the price. He says, 30GHC then quickly says 40GHC because the hour I was traveling was going to be traffic heavy, so I say 35GHC. My uncle was paying for the taxi so I wanted it as cheap as possible.

Two hours later after being in the taxi, I discovered the taxi driver had NO idea where Burma Camp was. Absolutely NO IDEA!! He started asking people for direction, talking to himself and sweating profusely. Of course I was having a mild panic attack in the back seat.

Finally, my uncle and cousin made us stop somewhere on the street and they came to pick me up. My uncle asked the taxi driver why he agreed to drop me off when he did not know where he was going? The taxi driver responds and says “Its business.”


After I got over what happened, it turned out to be really funny and honestly I understand why he did what he did. In this economy, you have to do what you have to do to make money, even if you have to pretend to know a destination you clearly don’t know.

moving on…IMG_2983 IMG_2986 IMG_2984


Volta Hotel in Akosombo. This was our (uncle, cousin and me) view whiles having lunch. so nice!IMG_2987IMG_2988inside the hotel

IMG_3006IMG_3003IMG_3005IMG_3007the service and food was nothing exciting but the hotel was very pretty…IMG_3033 after churchIMG_3047 the kebab guy. He was excited for me to take his pictureIMG_3048this was for the AFCON final, Ghana v. Ivory Coast game. Ghana lost!!it was such a sad day!!

hope you had a good weekend,
much love ❤



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