3: keep cultivating gratitude

Hey Saturday hey,

A day late but never too late to be thankful….10 things…

1. Had an awesome worship session by my lonesome in my room. It was beautiful and necessary and I fell in love with my maker all over again. I got inspired to write a post I will be sharing next week to prepare all of us for Valentines Day.

2. Ghana advanced to the finals in the afcon. We going to win or nah?

3. Reading like 3 books at once. I find so much pleasure in it

4. Realized this week that I haven’t gotten sick since I’ve been here. Many people get sick at least once from mainly malaria.

5. Stopped by my favorite restaurant in Ghana. No matter where I am in the world, forever a chicken and fries girl. My mom said all she used to eat was fries when she was pregnant with me. I’m sure that explains my addiction.


6. Received something I somewhat needed from an unexpected place.

7. The lack of electricity supply is getting out of hand in Ghana. May blog about it more later. But I’ve been dealing with it just fine and found ways to work around it.

8. Found this sweet drink. How come this isn’t in America?


9. Made this mini 2015 year resolution last week. It’s going well…. So far

10. Found out maybe going with my grandfather back to the states!!! Yippie.

That’s all folks
Much love ❤

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