1: Book review: Me Before You- Jojo Moyes


This is my very first time doing a book review, so bear with me. I can only hope to improve. I chose the book Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes as the first book to review because, honestly your decision to read this book should not be based by my review. It’s a really good book. PERIOD.


Few sentences from the first chapter
“There are 158 footsteps between the bus stop and home, but it can stretch to 180 if you aren’t in a hurry, like maybe if you’re wearing platform shoes. I turned the corner onto our street (68 steps), and could just see the house-a four-bedroom semi in a row of other three- and four-bedroom semis. Dad’s car was outside, which meant he had not yet left for work.”

Lou is a young woman who seems content with what her little town has to offer and never thought of wanting more. She had a boyfriend she had been with for a while and loved a somewhat close-knit family and an environment that she was familiar with. She had what she considered a good job until she lost it, which ultimately turned into what some may call a blessing in disguise. She meets Will, a man with a much widened horizon as compared to her, who has done it all and seen it all and now facing the worst tragedy of his life. In their encounter, they find a way to be to each other what the other needs. They develop a friendship and love that wants the best for each other.

My thoughts
I found the book to be very engaging and quite easy to read and follow, hence the reason why I finished it in one day. I felt a range of emotions, from sadness, happiness, anger, etc…I felt it all. A true love story- but not in the traditional sense, it different and hopeful, yet sad in a way I’ve never read of a love story. Me Before You opened my eyes to how diverse expressing love can be and in a way, how subjective e love really is. This book teaches what selflessness in love really means, and the freedom love can bring or should bring.

Favourite quotes
“If he has love, he will feel he can go one. Without it, I would have sunk many times over.”

“some mistakes… just have greater consequences than others. But you don’t have to let that night be the thing that defines you.”


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