2: keep cultivating gratitude


Coming up with this list today was so difficult. As of now, I’m filled with regret, resentment, and just plain old angry. I hate feeling this way because it really doesn’t solve matters. But I decided to “fight back with joy” new book I’m reading- more on that in another post. Being grateful is one way to fight back with joy when negative thoughts and feelings overcome you. So here is my list:

1.Found movies on a flash drive I’ve had for a while. Watched the best man holiday. Shed real tears

2.Showered with love from MA’s family

3.I finished school. Ahhhhhhh

4.I found a church. The say the first thing to do when u go to a new place is to find a church.

5.My brother took me to this sweet restaurant. Best wings I’ve had since I’ve been here in Ghana.

6.Ghana advanced in the African cup of nations. The country has a way of making you love football. Black stars!!!

7.Did not have running water for about 3 days and it came back. Ahhhhh. Was able to fill up tanks.

8.Getting to bond with my baby cousins

9.Finally got some bofroat after being here for about 4 weeks. Crazy.

10.Found a few books to add to my reading list. I sometimes struggle on what to read next. But i find myself stumbling onto the “right” books lately.



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