doing life with social media

A few days ago, I spent a good 30 minutes of my life, deciding whether or not to close all my social media accounts. I have a Facebook, instagram and twitter. My twitter isn’t very active. I honestly forget I have it at times.
After 30 minutes of thinking, I shook my head and told myself, “it is NOT that serious”

What triggered this wasted 30 minutes was a comment made by actress Shailene Woodley, she was in The secret life of an american teenager and Divergent, but I fell in love with her when I watched her in The fault in our stars. Anyways, she used to have an instagram and decided she found it disgusting and narcissistic to post pictures sharing places she been or pictures of herself. I started thinking, its that what I’m doing? Is that what we are all doing?

I went on to read the negative effects of social media and most articles discussed how social media has made many of us self-centered, depressed, no sense of privacy, etc…

I remember a while ago, I closed my Facebook account because it was taking too much of my time, first of all. Secondly, I didn’t like seeing all those happy people on my dash, with all their wonderful news and flawless pictures. I wasn’t even aware that was my reason till I found so much freedom and content in my own life after I closed my Facebook account.

After a few months of no Facebook, at that time I didn’t have an instagram, I again thought to myself, there is something completely wrong with me not being able to be okay with seeing others supposed happy lives. It is so wrong. So I signed back into my Facebook, still made a conscious effort to not be online a lot and this time around, I was determined to be able log on Facebook and be able to see those amazing thing happening in one of my “friend’s” life, and be okay! be okay that I don’t have such thing, be okay that they do. be okay!! I decided, I don’t have to run away at the sight of other peoples happiness. This has been the case for me. I am actually pleased to see people LIVING. Of course I have some days, where I compare myself to others but thanks be to God, I’m always able to catch myself and get back to the place where I am happy for the person and happy with myself.

My feelings about instagram is, I think its great!! During that 30 minutes I mentioned above, I thought, how into ourselves are we all to have Instagram ? but then I thought about some of the people I follow on instagram and they are all so inspiring. They inspire me to be more creative, more confident, better Christian, honestly, better everything. there is an immense amount of inspiration I get from being on instagram, I am reminded to be shameless, share pretty pictures, be an inspiration myself, and simply to be free. To be free from the fear of people’s judgment. I’m reminded that despite what is going on in this world, pretty things are still happening in the lives of people, people are experiencing great joy, people are living. It is such a pleasure to witness.

That said, remember that people are putting out the best part of themselves and life out in social media.The picture is not the complete reflection of their life. They do not upload the “D” they received on a paper they genuinely worked hard on. They do not put up pictures of them crying themselves to sleep at night, and honestly why should they, why should we? Also remember there are such thing as filters and they get used, so although some people have flawless skin, not all of us do.

But let me say this, DO WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL. For me, I purposely stay on social media to teach myself to celebrate people and still appreciate the life I have been given and because I love pretty picture. However, if you are losing sleep because social media makes you compare yourself to others and causes you great sadness, then I will suggest you DELETE your accounts IMMEDIATELY. it is not worth it

social media isn’t worth your sanity and your peace of mind.

We all just need to take social media for what it is, a source of entertainment. Enjoy it and don’t think about it. It is your platform, use it or don’t use it at all, it is such a small fraction of the beautiful life you already have so it doesn’t really matter. Don’t give it so much power.

note to self.
much love ❤

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