1: keep cultivating gratitude

– Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love

TGIF readers,

In the spirit of cultivating gratitude as Elizabeth has ordered, honestly something I should be doing already, I have decided to share 10 things every week that I am thankful for. I’m pretty sure that is doable. To find 10 things, right?! here is to week 1

  1. I got a chance to see my cousin/aunt/sister/friend that I had not seen in years. Our meeting was enjoyable for me and I was so happy to see her beautiful face and that of my uncles.
  2. I am in Ghana, so access to really fast wi-fi is ALWAYS something to thankful for. serious case of first world problems. I’m ashamed. HA
  3. Washed my clothes by hand for the first time and they came out pretty well. Well done me.
  4. I got a visit from an old time friend/classmate. I enjoyed catching up with him.
  5. I am so thankful that I AM OKAY. I had a really tough week, full of tears, and minor anxiety attacks and little to no sleep. But as I type this, I am OKAY and for that I am thankful. I will take okay.
  6. stumbled upon a book I had forgotten about at the right time and moment
  7. It was harmattan season in Ghana too long ago. The Harmattan produces harsh dry dusty weather, this caused me to lose my voice. Thankful I got it back this week.
  8. I got a chance to spend time with my guy’s,(MA) from now on, sister and I had a good time with her. Considering the fact that it was our very first official hang out without MA, I was extremely comfortable and found it an easy task. I am typically really really really shy.
  9. I got my hair braided. Wearing my natural hair and maintaining it in this humid weather proved to be harder than expected, so I jumped at the idea to braid my hair and it only took an hour and a half and was about $10.00. WHAT?!
  10. I slept really well.

I hope you find something to be thankful for this week. maybe keep track of it?

until next week, so much love ❤


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