happy Monday

I want to talk about identity and the freedom to be who we are and want to be and the freedom to change.

Often times, it appears we are afraid of evolving and doing different things because we will be deemed as “fake” and not “real.” I have been one of those people that have said about other people that they aren’t being themselves because said person began to change or do something that I was not familiar with. This shouldn’t be the case, I have no authority over who is being in themselves and who isn’t.

My junior year in college, I read a novel called Lousiana by Erna Brodber, I’m not here to discuss the book, but I may in the future considering the fact that my book/music category is somewhat dry. Anyways, in the book, the main character is in search of herself and roots and who she is and struggles with her identity while searching . One concept I found in the book that really spoke to me, so much so that, my personal statement for my post undergrad education was based on that, was the idea of BECOMING. Erna described BECOMING as getting to know yourself and that, there is no definite identit. Becasue as people we are always changing, every second, every mintute, something is causing us to change. Our likes, dislikes, joys, pains, favorite meal, etc…they are all changing. Our experiences shape us.

Therefore, it is okay for someone to not enjoy r&b music last week and decide that r&b is quite enjoyable this week. It is OKAY to eat meat today and the following week, decide to be vegeterian, as long as it is what you want to do.

I am not sure where we learnt that someone has to be the same thing at all times. It is not realistic becasue the world is changing around us and expecting people to remain the same and stick to one identity is honeslty too much damn pressure.
I will encourage you, reader, to be who you want to be. If you are not a friendly person in general and want to be, cultivate that skill, if it is, and become friendly. If you want to have blond hair today and blue tomorrow, by all means go for it, be careful of hair dyes though. If you’ve never been an athlete and you decide that you want to be, hit the gym and become that athlete.

our identity is not set in stone, so please take advantage of it and keep on changing and growing for the better.

keep defining yourself and don’t let others do it for you. Only you can define yourself.

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