Beauty: MACs mineralize skin finish


Hope you’re well. I feel as though I don’t give my other categories enough attention as I do the “inspiration” bit. Inspiring people or encouraging people is something I’m very interested in but I obviously have other interest, hence all those categories above so I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to attend to everyone of my interests and write about it. I write what I like after all. Onto this post…


I am completely and absolutely obsessed with MACs mineralize skin finish . Since I’ve been in Ghana, it’s been my go to “foundation.” Im not sure if it’s meant to be used that way but I do and it’s perfect for my oily skin and thus hot and humid weather.

I always moisturize and prime my face before putting the powder on.


When I want more cover up, I apply a lot of the skin finish and then sprits this elf makeup must & set spray on top of the powder. I learnt that I can sprits the brush first to get a liquid foundation look.

The mineralized powder gives me a very natural look which I think suits me. Plus, in this weather, one cannot afford to apply heavy make up. The sun in all its glory will melt it off your face like butter!!

Done raving about this product. I believe I purchased it for $35.00. A bit pricey but definitely worth it and I imagine it lasting for a long long time.

All the same,
Much love ❤

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