every story is beautiful

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Yesterday, I came across THE CUTEST engagement video clip ever. This prompted me to write this post. I hope this post make you hopeful and bring you some sort of peace.

For the past 3 years and especially 2014, many of the people I know that are also 20-somethings like myself are getting engaged, married, and having children. For some women it may not mean much, these things I have mentioned above, but for women like myself who look forward to getting married one day and having their own little or big family, we may wonder, “when will it be my turn?”

I don’t think there is anything wrong in wondering when your time will come, but it becomes a problem when women who are ready to get married pressure their significant others who may not be ready to “put a ring on it.” It becomes a problem when single women rush into a relationships they otherwise wouldn’t want had it not been for the desperation to get married.
I completely understand that sometime it is difficult to be patient when it appears that everyone is getting what you really want. But in the midst of feeling like you are the “child left behind,” lies the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your relationship, if you are in one, with your significant other. Ask questions like, “does this relationship have a future? is this the person I want to spend my life with?” etc.

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There is also something really beautiful in waiting for that ring. I view it as the time to work on self, to dive deep into your interest, to do fun things with your friends, and just DO YOU! The time spend in waiting can also be educational and spiritual. For example, you get to study successful relationships around you, spend time in prayer everyday for your future husband and home, figure out what being a wife means to you and cultivate those things and lastly, you get to study your future husband.
Also, In waiting, I think it is very important to be happy for the ones getting engaged and married and having children. You obviously think those things are good things, so why not be happy for people experiencing such good things. It doesn’t matter what anyones reasons are for getting engaged and married. It honeslty has nothing to do with you. speaking ill of others engagement and marriage when they share of social media WILL NOT and cannot give you a ring. Rather, it makes you negative and unattractive as a person in general. Many have said that you receive what you put out. I do not think this theory is a 100% accurate but I do think there is some truth in it. When you celebrate people and put out positive vibes, I am convinced that God will give you too a reason to celebrate.

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Always remember, everyone has their own path and you must learn to appreciate your own path and make your journey on this earth worth the while.

much love ❤

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