Music playlist: Afternoon vibes

Happy Saturday afternoon,

I woke up really late, as I’ve been doing since I’ve been here in Ghana. The whole neighborhood is quiet and chill as if everyone is still laying in and catching up with their significant other, or people are home spending time with their kids or just relaxing before going to party tonight.

I on the other hand am listening to music. I’ve created a playlist below. My top 10 from this afternoon.

1. She’s 22- Norah jones
2. Oh boy- Duffy
3. Warwick avenue- Duffy
4. Down- Brymo
5. Like a star- Corrine Bailey Rae
6. Your love is king- Sade
7. Don’t know why- Smokey Robinson
8. Love is stronger than pride- Sade
9. Daughters- John Mayer
10. Smoke- Burna Boy

Maybe next time, I will work on putting it on to make listening easy. But do check out the songs if you are in for a mellow day.



My current view.

Happy vibrations and a relaxed, special day to you!!!

Much love ❤

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