10 random facts about me



Hope you’re all well. I realized I got a few new followers, thank you for stopping by, so I decided to share a few get to know me, fun facts about myself. I am working on an “about me” page which will include information about myself and the blog and things I write about, etc…but until then, this should do. Yeah….

1. I am a middle child and an only girl of my parents but I have a sister. Confused?
2. I do not eat pizza or burgers or sandwiches. I don’t like things in between bread.
3. I literally cry about everything.
4. I have an obsession with death. I honestly think about death every hour.
5. I want to have a library in my house one day.
6. I am car illiterate.
7. I am obsessed with coffee and monkeys and Sade (check out my IG bio: shereenaa13)
8. I love school and learning except when it is time to get tested on what I learned.
9. I love love love meat. Especial goat meat. Yummy.
10. I can SOMETIMES dance. It’s strange. Some days I am completely off the beat of the music and other days I am spot on. Hahaha but I used to be a dancer.

I hope the first few days of the new year has been kind to you. If not, press on. Better days ahead.

Much love ❤

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