thoughts from the airport



I just landed in JFK airport, I have about 3 hours to spare before the plane to Ghana leaves. I see so many ghanaian faces, I wonder if this too is their first time back after many years or do they do it often?! ah well, I can’t behave as if I am a first timer, everyone knows that, the people who dont travel frequently or at least once a year to ghana are the ones who are really suffering in America, I dont want to be known as a sufferer.

I am tired, who told me to wear heels kraa?! I could easily take it off and wear my flats I put in my hand luggage but I want to look good, look polished, look like I am living not just struggling in America. Again, I dont want to look like a sufferer. ah well, let me go find somewhere to sit and rest my legs, and put this michael kors bag on my lap, so everyone will know that, I too can afford it. who will know I paid for it with my Macys card, after all I will pay the balance bit by bit, even if it is $15.00 a month and the whole bag cost about $355.00. it will be paid off. for now, I need to show it off.

I get on my phone to watch whatsapp videos I have watched several times to occupy my time. I recently purchased the samsung 4s, once again, not with my own money, but a credit card, but again, I will pay it off eventualy so it is mine. I laugh at these old videos which are not really funny anymore and occasionally say “oh my God,” that is one way to know someone has been in the states for a long time. Like the americans who say “Oh my GOd” at everything…To us Ghanaian’s I know it is very important to let the rest know you have been in the USA for a long time and how can you prove it or show it without sying the common know phrases.

9 hours later we are told we have 30 minutes to land, by now I have finished this unfortunate breakfast the airline served us. For the past 2 hours, I have watched people go fix themselves in anticipation of the landing. People dont think at all, why get ready an hour and half before landing? ah well, at least the bathroom is free for me to use. when I’m done in there, they will see a new woman.

I entered the bathroom 30 minutes before landing, took my scarf off my head that was assisting my very well gelled her in place. I had one of those afro pony tails in my hair and a fake flower in it. I put on my eyeshadow, drew in my eyebrows, put on my lashes, put on my full-coverage foundation, I was going for the blemish-free look, and put on my lipstick, red. All this was done after I had brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth with a minty mouth wash. I looked good!! if I say so myself. I looked like I got it. like an america resident. Like a green card holder, let me push it and say I looked like an American citizen. AMERICO

I was ready for landing, even more than the pilot.

When we landed, I took out my hand luggage, new hand luggage might I add, infact all my luggages were new. I marked them with a pink ribbon so I can find it quickly when it was spinning on the belt.

I got off the plane, started walking like I have been walking in heels my whole life. No one would even know my feet were on fire, because the shoes were a half size too small and that my feet had swelled up from sitting in one spot on the plane for all those hours. I really should have gotten up more and walked around like some people were doing. ah well.

“wow! its so hot” i exclaimed one too many times, and each time, I could hear my American accent shining through vividly, so I said it even more so the others around me could tell I am from America, not only from there but I am America herself. The only thing I wish was, I would have went to America as a teenange or even a 20 something, because when you reach 35 and travel, it is very difficult or almost impossible to acquire an accent. But I knew how to fake it, so I did. I just had to exaggerate my “r’s” and pronounce “t” as if it is a “d” and just speak through my nose and barely open my mouth, as if i didnt want to speak.

When I reach the luggage pick-up area, it appeared our bags hadn’t been loaded yet. I joined in with the other “americans” in complaining about Ghana’s lack of service and how inconvenient it was etc…

“this will neverrrr happen in America.”

“my Lorrrd, it is ha as hell.”

“shit. dese people are useless, wha is their purpose.”

“I caRn’t believe it.”


“i need cold wader, mehn.”
“in america, someone would have pulled out our luggages for us before we even landed.” This last one was me. I knew very well that in America, I will be waiting for my bags just like I am now, but I had to remind the people around me that I was from America and things were different.

about 30 minutes later, I located my bags, went through customs and made my way to te exist.

but first, I found my $10.00 Coach sunglasses, put it on, and resumed walking like a victoria secret model…

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