May you learn to mend yourself: 7 steps

my last post of the year!! i hope to be more active next year on this blog. I’ve had a very interesting year and i’m looking forward to next. I’m ending and beginning this year with a bang because I am in Ghana and having a good time…anyways, unto the post and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! so much love

I have been holding off on writing this blog post for a while but I think before the new year is the appropriate time to share this post. I believe we all look forward to the New Year for many different reasons. Some may have had a horrible 2014, and may need to heal, release and press on into the new year. we all go through things in the space called earth and this thing called life, and it is very important we know how to mend ourselves and take care of ourselves when times are hard and we experience hut. I am not telling anyone to keep their problems to themselves, but there are times when no one is around, when no one understands, when no one can make you feel better. So, I have complied a list of how I mend thyself.

1. believe you will come out of it:
I think sometimes we drag out our problems because we are so convinced we will never come out of that bad situation. the truth is, nothing stays the same, that includes problems and pain. it will pass, it will end, the pain will be less. that is the truth about life. Think back on everything that has happened, did you not smile a week after such bad event happened? did you not laugh out loud 3 months later after you suffered that heart break? you did. the honest truth is, you will smile again, you will come of it. believe that.

2. be patient:
be patient with yourself, with the situation and just give it time. whoever that said “time heals all things” deserve one of those noble prize award things. because no truer words have ever been spoken than those words. time is patience, and it is necessary

3. decide if the problem needs confrontation or not and take the necessary action:
I am one to let things ago and keep everything bottled inside of me, I have learned some problems or situations need to be confronted head on, and some don’t.

4. accept the situation:
just that. accept that whatever it is that is happening or has happened, HAS happened. period.

5. do things
the best time to pick up hobbies and activities are when you are in a funk or are down. I have found from my experience that, I am able to move past things when I focus on things I enjoy doing. I like finding new music in my spare time and crocheting, among other things, when I am in a rut. These hobbies of mine, keeps me busy and keeps me focused on self. it help me pay attention to myself instead of my situation.

6. purposely surround yourself with positivity
In a healing season, or mending season, it is of the utmost importance to surround yourself with positivity. positive people, positive music, positive environment, positive TV shows, etc… positivity is motivation. Being around good vibes and vibrant energy will automatically lift a fallen spirit and bring it hope that, things will look-up again.

7. find the lesson
For me, things appear less painful or less tragic once i figure out the lesson I was intended to learn from such experience. I advice you search for the lessons in everything. pay attention.

joy is in the moment you actually believe you will come out of your situation, the moment you realize you will be okay not when you actually are.




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