a toast to 2015

it is the time of the year for new year resolutions. I for one have developed a love and an appreciation for new year resolutions. I’m pretty new to making them, I started making new year resolutions about 3 years ago. Most or all the time, I leave somethings unfinished, some habits I want to quit, never completely die, thing I want to become better on remain stagnent, etc…I’m sure you catch my drift.

But there is something glorious about new beginning, a new day, a new month, and especially a new year. For me it gives me a sense of starting over, not to say the past does not exist, but a new year is provides motivation for change

I have my new year resolutions all ready and set to go. I typically make two lists. One long-term resolutions, on this list, I have things that I want in my life permanently. I have another lists where I put on tangible resolutions, ones that can be accomplished in a year or months. I will be sharing my life long resolutions, once I complete my tangible or short-term ones, I may share it here as well.

strengthen my relationship with God
– I believe in God, I believe in God’s love and power. I believe that, God sent Jesus to die and save the world. I believe all these things, but sometimes, I fail to realize that God is for me, I depend on myself a lot when I know a Creator is working all things out for my good. So i just want to be firm in my faith in God and just build a bond with God that is unbreakable no matter what may come.

change my reaction to things
– When something good happen to me, I sometimes do not know how to receive it. I always think to myself, this good thing cannot be happening to me. It will go away soon, etc…and when something bad happens to me, I always behave as if it is the end of the world. I literally cry and toss and turn and lose sleep for days only to realize the world didn’t end and it wasn’t that bad, whatever the situations was. But by that time, I’ve exhausted myself, cause my skin to rebel on me and have pimples everywhere and yelled at a few people already. My goal is to, take a deep breath before making a decision or letting my feelings show.


taking risks
– This is always on my list. I am very cautious about everything. My goal for 2015 is to just live and be!! I need to be open to new experiences and do things without thinking to much of the negative things that may happen. I think I will have more fun and live a more fulfilled life if I can just let go a bit.

So, I only have 4 things so should be easy to accomplish right?! anyways, I plan on having updates and I will be blogging about it, so I can hold myself accountable and see if I’ve made any progress. maybe 3 months updates? I don’t know.

All the same, it has been an interesting year. The year started off stressful and quite low for myself and my family but glory be to God, our spirits were lifted, my spirit was lifted. The year is ending on a better note, and for that I am grateful.

I hope this new year brings you many blessings and love.

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