Monday Blues

Monday has a way of reminding you that there is more.
There is more to be done.
There is more than what you are currently doing.
Especially if you dread your Monday’s like half of the people on planet earth.

Many say we must live in the present, but Mondays, they remind you that this present, right now, this moment, is not enough. it can be better.

I woke up this morning looked at my packed boxes and said to myself.
“I am so glad I am moving on.”
I’m trekking into to the unknown and I am terrified.
But I am moving on,
To find something that will make my Mondays unlike the Mondays I’ve had this past year.
Mondays that I didn’t care about anything and stressed out about everything, at the same time.
Mondays I felt really down and completely out. Where my mind and body and soul have just felt empty.

But I’m glad for Mondays.
Because they are eye openers.
They are reminders.
They can bring hope.
Mondays tell you exactly what you do not want.

so, pay attention to your Mondays!
much love ❤

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