along the road less traveled

early Saturday,

I’ve been in school ALL my life it seem. I began nursery school when I was about 2 years old or so I’ve been told and I’ve been attending school continuously well in to my twenties, and from the time I’ve been able to work, I have worked. The point is, I have been working and attending school for all my life.

But I am graduating from school soon! YAY me. To God be the glory.

I have found that nothing is guaranteed but sometimes, certain steps or directions promises desired results and society have caught on to these “certain steps” and now we are people are encouraged to follow it. for example, once you finish school with some student loans, the next step is getting a job right away to pay for those loans. Once you get that job, for most 20 somethings in America, it is time to settle down, whatever that means.

I will be graduating soon and I’ve opted for something else and it is scary and quite frankly gives me panic attacks. I had a minor episode today, which got me to thinking…

I am afraid of the unfamiliar, the road less traveled, the unknown. But the thought of doing the opposite of what the norm is, is sometimes terrifying but we do ourselves a disfavor if we do not take risk that are good for us.


I do not think there is anything wrong with the norm, especially when it is something that you as an individual want to do. It all comes down to knowing our truth. We need to know our truths, believe in our truth, and be ready to face the outcome of what that truth brings us. When we follow our own truth, although it may not be the known method to generate favorable results, it will be good for us, or bad, but we will never know until we try.

My problem has always been listening to people and considering what everyone says instead of what I know for myself. Do not get me wrong, I think it is very necessary to take advice from people but I think it is unfair to ourselves to make other people’s truth ours.

Joining in with the majority is not right or wrong, right or wrong is determined by you.

So, after school, I’m doing something different, not what is expected of me. scared? heck yeah, but I need to do something different for me and embark on the road less travel. The decisions I make from here on out must be for me, must be what I want, because I will be the one to face the consequences if there are one.

so a toast to doing me.

much love

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