Alone time



I typically crave alone time, but I’ve definitely had too much of it this past week, till the point I started feeling really lonely. Being alone with nothing to do can be so torturous at times. I will be completing school soon and I am tired of all things school related, I can’t handle it. After school, I have special trip planned that I am excitedly looking forward to. Its all I think about, maybe the reason why I have been having a lousy time lately. I will talk more about my trip later, but for some reason I do not want to be too excited out of fear that something may happen that will cause the trip to not come into fruition. All the same, today being the beginning of the week, I tried to have me a little pick-me up that way I will be set for a good rest of the week.


I attended church this morning. I love church. I love the atmosphere. For those few moments when I am in church I feel at ease. I feel like I put my issues and problems aside. Just a few hours that isn’t about me, its marvelous!


I made this yummy meal after I returned from church. It tasted so good. I am so glad I have left overs to eat during the rest of the week.


Then I went to the movie theater to grab some snacks to accompany me while I watched Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls is an old t.v  show that was recently put on It had 7 seasons, and I am sad to say I have finished the entire series.

Anyways, I now have nothing to do and it is too early for me to sleep and I do not want to read any of my books I have purchased because I am saving them for my trip. Everything is about my trip and this trip is taking forever to get here.

hope you all have a good week

much love

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