1: favorite albums: Beautiful imperfection

happy Monday,

Hope you’re fine and well and if not, I hope you have better days ahead. As a boni-fied music junkie, I find it very hard to just buy albums. My thought is, I can get different songs by different artists for the same amount of money. But there are few music albums that I have listened to that I felt were perfect as whole as compared to some albums that I can do without a few songs, or have some songs that doesn’t belong.

I’ve decided to begin a series on my favorite music albums of all time, and today I am starting of with ASA pronounced Asha.

click here for Asa’s biography——> Asa

The Album is called BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTION. I heard about it a few years ago via a youtuber. I listened to the album over and over again that year then forgot about it. Last week, I was at a coffee shop and I heard them playing one of my favorite song of the album, and since then I’ve been listening to Beautiful Imperfection and I have fallen in love all over again. Asa’s infusion of afrobeats and Nigerian background makes for a relaxing thoughtful tune. Her songs are well written and its so easy to tell that, this music thing is her heart, its her breath and I absolutely appreciate it. So a toast to Asa for making music that speaks to the conscience, that speaks to the soul, that stirs up that something in you. Thank you. Below is a list of the songs and my favorites.


photo cred: google imagres
photo cred: google images
1. Why Can’t We
2. Maybe
3. Be My Man
4. Preacher Man
5. Bimpe
6. The Way I Feel
7. OK OK
8. Dreamer Girl
9. Ore
10. Baby Gone
11. Broda Ole
12. Questions

13. Bamidele (bonus track)

favorites: questions, bamidele, be my man, the way i feel, baby gone …basically everything

enjoy and much love ❤

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