My fall essentials and a little message

Happy saturday

Now is the time to serve…

Before I get into what I consider my fall essentials, I am reminded that these items maybe essentials to me and some of us but there are people in our various communities that don’t have these things, and far more important things like warm meals, warm clothing, shelter, etc… Now is the time to really reach out with time, if you have it, and with money, if you have it. When you get yourself that warm beverage at starbucks buy one for a homeless person you see. When you buy new sweater give out the old one you don’t want.

Shelters are crazy busy around this time of year, because it is cooler and the streets are just too cold for the homeless in our communities to sleep out. Again, now is the time to volunteer your time to a shelter, if you have it, blankets, a few dollars, etc…now is the time to serve. I hope you find a way to contribute to your community. much love…now unto my essentials for the fall


Lip balms are essential basically through out the whole year but especially in the fall because the weather can be harsh and drying.


hand sanitizers!! With the change in weather, the flu can sneak up on anyone at anytime. Meaning there is a lot of coughing and sneezing and wiping of the nose, with a tissue of course but sometimes, just sometimes, people miss it. Protect your hands before you put anything in your mouth.


what will my post be without books right? grab a book get some lone time with your blanket.


OVER SIZED SWEATERS. enough said!! get you some!!

last but definitely not the least. GOOD MUSIC!! Currently loving “you make me brave” by Bethel music.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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