I like you….but only on social media


I am so worried for us living in this here social media generation. I’ve observed that the people who we follow on social media and the ones who follow us or befriend us on social media are a bit reserved or a lot reserved or unable to interact in person.

I’ve read articles and heard over and over again about how social media can be very problematic. I thought it was an exaggerated opinion of people who just have a blatant distaste for social media. But I have come to realize that it is a problem because I have met people who are unable to communicate in person with the very same people they write extensive essays about in the comment section of their pictures.

I recently experienced this lack of interaction with e-friends at an event I attended last week. I will start of by saying I am not very outgoing as a person but I’ve always thought that for the mere fact that I’ve connected with an individual on social media, such individual automatically becomes an acquaintance and at the very least, a smile or a wave should be exchanged when I see such individual. My act of acknowledging people in hopes of maybe saying hello was an ultimate fail at this event I attended. I expressed this to my sisters and one of them said this “Oh social media is social media if I see you,  you don’t get a smile, wave, hello, wink, or emoji. But I will like your pic because I’m not a hater bahaahahahaha”

My response was oh. I didn’t know that was how it worked.

Well it’s either social media is truly it’s own world with different rules that doesn’t extend to face to face interactions or social media has truly crippled us from being able to interact with each other in person.

All the same, I think I have learned my lesson.

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One thought on “I like you….but only on social media

  1. I know I tend to be more talkative online but I do my absolute best to be as talkative and interactive when I meet someone face to face whom I usually talk to online. It’s bad if social media has to be another world separate from our ‘real’ life world.


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