Delicuious Autumn!! My very soul is wedded to it…

…and if I was a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns.- George Elliot


It is unofficially Autumn!! As an Autumn baby, October baby to be precise, I love all things Autumn. Some people view Autumn as the “depressing” season, but I thrive in the chilliness of Autumn, the “alone-ness” of Autumn, and the calmness of the season. For me, Autumn is the perfect time to have a “resolution,” it’s that time where you can be by yourself, be focused at work or school or whatever it is you are doing, and autumn definitely has the best fashion.

There are few things I am excited for this fall…keep reading to find out.


Bath and Body has the best Autumn candles. “Autumn” was one of my favorites scents from last year, so when I say the “Autumn night,” I added that to my shopping bag and purchased that one too. “marshmallow fireside,” is one of my all time favorites. I burn it through out the year, it is that special. “warm caramel cider,” is winning for me right now, I am waiting for one of their sales to go get more of it. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the scent. Its smells cozy and warm and peace and light and comfort and…need I go on?!


Although I drink coffee all year round, I especially drink coffee in autumn and winter. I’m uber excited about my coffee making this Autumn because, I just received my coffee-mate, french vanilla concentrated creamer. I initially came in contact with it at my place of work and I fell in love because it made the coffee taste so good and it does the job of both creamer and sugar. get you some!!

Black-ish is about an African-American family who live in a predominantly Caucasian environment. From watching the trailer,  it appears there is conflict within the parents, in trying to give their children the best of the best, for example school choice, which in America means leaving the ghettos that has poor schools and is predominately occupied by African-Americans and the children maintaining the African-American identity or culture.

Not only am I excited to see a Black family on t.v, I am VERY excited to see Tracee Eliss Ross on my screen. Black-ish premieres, September 24 on ABC

Finally, I am excitedly looking forward to THE REAL talk show. the real is a talk show hosted by a group of five women of color from very diverse backgrounds. The show had a test run last summer for two weeks and it got picked by ABC and BET. I was extremely happy the show got picked up because it was really refreshing seeing these women on my television. The real premieres September 15.

picture is from google images.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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