for the love of NEW MUSIC


I absolutely LOVE new music, especially by artist who haven’t become mainstream or popular yet. I like to say I discovered such artist before everyone. That said let me introduce G-Jay.

G-Jay is an artist based in Columbus, Ohio. He just released his EP entitled Love Songs & BS. The songs on the EP are a fusion between his Ghanaian heritage and R&B as we know it and I absolutely love it. He reminds me of some of my favorite artists, Efya, Brymo, Asa, etc… Afropop artists who appreciate western sounds but incorporate a significant portion of their culture into their music to create a different sound.

stop reading, now get to listening…below is a link to his soundcloud. Thank me later and when his music start reaching millions in the next few years, remember you heard it here FIRST!! click–> LOVE SONGS & BS


my favorites on the EP:

  1. love songs & BS
  2. Me & U
  3. Stay
  4. wo do ntia (because of your love)

happy listening and thank you for reading

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