remembering Detroit, Michigan…The motor City


A few months ago I visited one of the most well-known cities in the Midwest, Detroit, Michigan. I was looking forward to heavy traffic, many people walking in the streets, etc…basically I thought it was going to appear like a busy city, where there is movement at all times, no matter the time or day. Where there are people everywhere, as in no “personal space” exist. To my surprise, it looked like an abandoned city, a forgotten city, a hopeless city.

Prior to visiting downtown Detroit, Michigan, people I had encountered in the city where I live, outside of Detroit spoke so highly of Detroit especially the natives of Detroit. But while I was in the city, people I met only spoke about how great Detroit USED to be. They spoke of past success and how they do not think Detroit could come back to what it was after they experienced the bankruptcy.

here are some pictures I took and also a link about Detroit’s history. a bit about Detroit

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Thank you for reading… 🙂

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