Coming to America: In real life!

If you didn’t know, I am from Ghana and here are a few of my coming to America stories…fresh of the boat (FOB), johnny just come, aba fresh stories

the bad

I landed in the “land of milk and honey” in January!!WINTER TIME!! I was greeted with harsh winds and chilly-snow flakes. I was not excited to face this weather. Along with that, I had on this light jacket that was purchased in Ghana. Ghanaian winter jacket? I should have known! It doesn’t make any sense that Ghanaian’s will have a winter jacket that will keep you warm. Thankfully, my folks met us with proper jackets. As we drove “home”, I was looking forward to my own room with a closet full of clothes. Clearly i had been watching too much “white” t.v. When we arrived at our destination, behold, I spot this apartment. I said to myself “WHAT IS THIS?” When we entered, the kitchen, living room, dinning room, the hallway outside the apartment were all a few steps away from each other. I am in state of shock. We get shown our room, the room, that room, can i even call it a room?! a closet perhaps? all I know is remember thinking it was one of the smallest spaces I’ve ever seen. To make this even more torturous, l was told I was sharing it with my sister, brother, and aunt. I asked to be sent back to Ghana, everyone started laughing. I was VERY serious!!

the worse

In my english class, there was a game we would play on the computer. I have forgotten what it was called, but the gist of the game was, a word is given, like a long word, say IMPOSSIBILITY and then we would play to see who could make the most words out of the long word quickly and mind you, everyone could see the words you were creating. This one time, while playing, I typed in TIT, yes!! for me, I meant “tit-for-tat” but all these kids, my classmates start laughing and saying “oh my God,” a few minutes later the teacher figures out why everyone is laughing. Obviously i was missing the joke. My teacher then proceed to call me to the hallway and asks me if I knew what TIT meant, I say no, then she tells me its basically saying BREAST. I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t face my classmates.

the ugly

This happened in my first semester of high school. There was guy in my grade and a few of my classes that I thought was cute and he knew that I thought he was cute. I guess he thought it would be funny to mess with the naive Ghanaian girl. ugh. One day he asked me, “do you want to give me head?” I responded, “let me think about it.” I didn’t know what that meant and I didn’t want to ask him, I figured it was something I SHOULD know. I went to one of my friends and told her, “this guy wants me to give him head, what do you think?” but i should have asked her “what does it mean?” Anyways she walks away and tells our other friends, and they all start acting funny. so i’m just like WTF, and at this point I am really confused by their actions. The following day, I  get told I’m not wanted around because, they didnt want to be associated with a girl that gives head. FINALLY I asked, “what is head?” and how horrible is it that it is causing me to lose friends? well head is giving oral sex, you know fellatio?! Lets just say I HATED America after that incident!…o and i stopped talking to the guy and he was no longer cute to me.nonsense!! my so called “friends” apologized when they found out I really didn’t know what “head” was, but at that time, I was no longer interested in their friendship.

but America has been kind

obviously its a bit dramatic that i’ve categorized these as the bad, worse and ugly. But walahi, as
a young girl at that age, it was just that.

-thank you for reading- 🙂


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