A toast to Sundays…


As I was preparing for church this morning, I turned on some music to get ready with. I was reminded of my childhood in Tema, Ghana. West Afrika.

sunday sit downs
my necessities: journal, lipstick, coffee w/ lots of cream and my mobile phone

Growing up, Sunday mornings for us kids, myself and my two siblings began early. We would be  woken up earlier than usual so we could start getting ready for church. My grandmother was heavily involved in the church so we had to be the on time and dressed nicely and look neat overall. Meaning my elder brother had to sit still for over hour before we left, because he didn’t really care about the nice button down shirt and ironed trousers he had on, every minute he had, he used it to run around, which resulted in him looking rough. I liked to sit still anyways, so looking nicely for church wasn’t a big deal for me. I always wore an “adult” dress. I don’t ever remember wearing one of those puffy, tutu lace dresses as a child.

We always woke up to gospel music. We listened to Elder Mireku and Cindy Thompson and others I cannot remember right now.

Sundays were jollof and chicken light soup and fufu day. So while our house help was making the jollof one of my many cousins or uncles (some i can trace the blood line others I can’t) would be killing a hen. People will be washing clothes, others cleaning the living rooms, etc..Sunday mornings were busy at my grand-parent’s house. How we all manage to get to church on time beats my imagination.

just in case you didn't know what jollof looked like.
just in case you didn’t know what jollof looked like.

After church, My siblings and I would purchase eggs with pepper and play with our friends as we waited for our grandmother to finish greeting all the pastors, deacons, and deaconesses and EVERYBODY else. THEN, we would head home.


boiled eggs with pepper

When we would get home from church, we had jollof for lunch and early in the evening have the fufu and chicken light soup.

Our Sunday’s were mostly quiet, not just our home, but the entire neighborhood. It was a day to spend with family or be by yourself.

I realized today that I have carried my Sunday’s during my childhood well in to my adult life. I tend to listen to gospel before church and I mostly relax on Sundays and spend sometime with myself.

I do want to implement this lifestyle into the future, when I have a husband and some mini me’s. I hope to have Sunday be our day of togetherness and a time to reflect.

much love ❤


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