Lessons from a girl gon natural.


1. No two hair textures are the same. Do not compare your hair to other peoples hair. Do not expect it to do what other peoples hair does. You will be disappointed and you will not enjoy your natural hair.

2. Tips are just guidance. The are not from the holy book. You do not have to follow every tip you hear about.

3. “Going natural” or “returning natural” is about acceptance. Meaning accept your hair and free people to do what they want to do with their hair. The natural hair community does not need a police enforcement section.

4. Less is more when it comes to products. Do not buy everything at Sally’s as you will waste money. Find products that works for you and stick to them.

5. Hair growth is about genetics and nutrients and lifestyle. Your hair will not grow at the same rate as the next person. Accept that and enjoy your hair at the length that it is.

6. Do not restrict yourself or your hair. When you feel like coloring it, do so. When you feel like cutting it, do so. When you feel like trimming it, do so. Do what you want with your hair.

7. Ignore the negative comments for they will come but believe me when I tell you they mean absolutely nothing. Negative comments about your hair or about anything concerning you does not reflect on you, it reflects on the simple minded individual who spoke them to you. Always always remember that.

8. Natural hair will bring new things. Friends, eating style, change in fashion, etc… Embrace it. It is okay to change.

9. Cheer on other naturals. Compliment them if they have a nice hairstyle, if their curls are “poppin,” if their tresses are standing high and mighty, if their TWA is showcasing their beautiful facial bone structure, etc…whatever it may be, give a compliment when you want. Because this natural hair journey isn’t always so smooth. Most importantly, compliment yourself.

10. Your hair maybe a huge part of you because it is part of your body and thus must be treated well. But please remember that it is an extension of yourself, it is physical, it does not speak as to who you are on the inside, it doesn’t define you. Your hair is PART of you. In the words of India Arie “YOU ARE NOT YOUR HAIR”

11. Be fabulous.


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