for Africans, doing what we love is a luxery

I am definitely of the school of thought of “DO WHAT YOU LOVE.” That’s definitely what I say to the younger ones I get a chance to talk to who don’t really know what direction they want to go in when they get out of high school. I always advice people to just take classes that just interest them their first year, and then worry about picking a major/concentration later. That said…

African parents and majors/ careers
Yes, in this day and age, high school grads are still complaining about their parents not allowing them to do what “they love”. They simply can’t understand why their parents laid out 5 choices for them when they left high school. They find it impossible to pick between being a doctor, nursing, engineer, pharmacy or lawyer. I don’t know about the lawyer one anymore, but the first 4 are still VERY exaggerated.

Some of our families are middle income or even low income families, so they maybe living from paycheck to paycheck or just have a little saved up for emergencies and a bit more for say a $100 dollars outfit once in a while. The issue is that, they do not want us to live like that. They want us to say we are “comfortable”. They do not want us calling them in our 30’s and 40’s asking them for some change to pay a bill. For those reasons, they gravitate towards those careers I listed above, because at least with those, they KNOW we are bound to get a job (again I don’t know about the lawyer one) and I DO KNOW nothing is guarantee, but we can all agree that, the medical field will ALWAYS need people. Just like we know this, they know this also. I’m also not saying that, doing what you “love” which most of the time is something other than the traditional careers will not lead you to live a “comfortable” life, because there are people out there LIVING doing photography, wedding planning, painting, etc…

Where am I going with this?
Give your parents a break…that said…

This is YOUR life

You seriously have to figure out what YOU want to do. Think about what is important to YOU. Is it money, happiness, doing what your parents want? (that is not always a bad thing) it is okay to want to please your parents but not at your own demise. For most of us Africans, doing what we “love” IS a luxury. We simply can’t afford it. I know a 20yr old girl whose parents are waiting for her to finish nursing school so she can take care of them. She wanted to be a medical doctor, but her mother simply told her, they’ve invested so much in her; she just can’t spend all those years in school. That seem extremely wrong since she is capable of being medical doctor like she wants, but I can’t even disapprove of her parents. I don’t think they are being mean or selfish, they are just being honest. So ultimately, it is up to the girl to figure out what it is important to her…
It’s hard out here

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