Repairing your natural hair


Braids or any kind of protective styles kept in too long can have some negative effects on your hair. As you can see above, the picture in the middle was after I took my braids out. My hair looks entirely too dry and brittle, simply stated, it does not look good. The natural hair goddess have advised us mere mortals to keep in braids for no more than 8 weeks, I kept mine for almost 14 weeks. shame on me. I shouldn’t have done that. If you read this post, DO NOT DO THAT!! That said, I’m going to share how I got my hair looking moisturized and healthy as displayed in the last picture.


coconut oil: moisturizes hair and makes it shiny and soft. (not too soft, because I don’t like it when products extremely soften my hair. honey: smooths the hair, promotes healthy scalp, and moisturizes. hibiscus powder: thickens hair and protect against split ends (may leave little specs in your hair, wash thoroughly). conditioner: use any conditioner of your choice, tresemme naturals makes detangling pretty easy.


I’ve done this every week since I took out my braids, it has been three weeks. I don’t have a specific time I leave the cap on, I just put it on and go about my business, but it is always longer than 30minutes.


my hair feels loved again.

shout out to the followers, I will try and blog more. leave me comments if you’d like.

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