to die is gain?

We are always thought to come to terms with our own mortality. No one ever tells us to be aware of others mortality. I’m not sure why that is. Acknowledging the fact that other people around us are eventually going to die, seem like the hardest thing for us, as a human race to do. It’s even harder when believe that the person did not deserve to die, or the person was too young, or, it wasn’t such person’s time to die.

The community belong to, today suffered a great loss, and many are mourning. A midst all the mourning, some took to social networks, such as Facebook and instagram. I knew this person personally, He was an old friend of mine, so I was interested in how other people experienced him. I read many statuses and comments about how much joy he brought to their lives and all the good things he did. Some of these statuses brought tears to my eyes. Some statuses made me worry about the authors, that is what this post is about.

In the event of a death, I believe it is normal for the loved ones to think they could have stopped the death or done more so the death of their beloved could have been avoided. However, it is very disturbing and unrealistic. I am a Christian, I believe in God, I believe God is supreme, I believe God knows all things. That said, It worries me when I see other Christian think that their deeds or works or prayers are what causes God act. This is simply not true. This shows that, their trust is in prayers, not in God. I heard this quote not too long ago “trust in God, do not trust in your prayers.”  I have seen statuses where some have stated that, parties need not be happening, and time be devoted to revivals and prayers and church-ing. I love that idea, ONLY if it is coming from a place of connecting with the Creator. But I fear that it is coming from a place where they believe that act of going to church and revivals will stop “bad” things from happening. Its quite arrogant to think that, us humans can stop death from happening with our actions and how we spend our time.

“many are the afflictions of the righteous. . . .”

we do not know why certain things happen. We do not not know why we feel the pain we do. We do not understand why we just cant accept the mortality of our loved ones. I’m not even sure, if acceptance will comfort us. but God comforts. God heals.

The soul NEVER dies, we are all souls who are inhabiting in this body, in this space called earth. Heaven is our home, we are just passing through, for what reason? I do not know. All I know and convinced of, is that death is another stage that we pass through to get to our destination. This doesn’t make death’s sting will be any less painful. I am very afraid of people around me dying, but I take joy in the fact that they will be with God. The bible teaches us, “to die is gain,” because we will be with The Most High. I find comfort in that.

Oprah said “every death is wake-up lesson.” I’m not exactly sure what the lesson is in my friends death, but I’m convinced it is to remind us as of our mortality which is a huge part of our humanity, and that God is in control. not us. This death serves as reminder that, death awaits us all.

to my dear friend, I bid you farewell and a safe journey,
the sun will never set on your good works
and the memories you left us with
you are treasured,
you are loved
rest in the bosom of The Creator
so much love.

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