when in Ghana, care is a luxury

I recently stumbled on a status on Facebook which read something like this: “We need more nurses and doctors in Ghana, people need to stop staying abroad with their degrees.” I also saw a discussion about how hospitals in Ghana aren’t any good and how different it is from hospitals in America.

The problem isn’t the lack of doctors and nurses, there are very competent nurses and doctors in Ghana who have received adequate education to perform their duties. The actual problems are:

  • ·         Lack of space,
  • ·         Enough equipment or updated equipment,
  • ·         Funds for the hospital itself,
  • ·         Enough hospitals, and
  • ·         Decent salary for the doctors and nurses.

I honestly believe there are excess amount of doctors and nurses to hospitals. The reasons I have stated above is the cause of the believe “Ghanaian hospitals aren’t any good”

“Ghanaian hospitals aren’t any good” should actually read, PUBLIC HOSPITALS IN GHANA ARENT ANY GOOD. On my last visit to Ghana, my aunt went to Tema General Hospital, a public hospital to have a check-up before a major surgery. She had a terrible experience, she said she had to wait hours to be looked at, the doctor was impatient with her, as if he had other things to do that were more important. She said women were IN LINE to give birth, AND upon giving birth they were sent home with their child and a malt beverage.

Due to her experience at the public hospital, she decided to go a private hospital. When she returned, she told of how much of a different experience it was. She came in contact with the same doctor who was impatient with her at the public hospital. The doctor was much kinder and much nicer and very attentive this time around, all because He will be getting paid well.

The gist of the story is, hospitals in Ghana aren’t all bad. Circumstances surrounding the public hospitals are bad as compared to private hospitals. In Ghana, to be well taken care of, being middle-class or wealthy is a pre-requisite.

One thought on “when in Ghana, care is a luxury

  1. Just to add to this,.. You hit the nail on the head by saying that * in Ghana, to be well taken care of, being middle class is a pre-requisite* I think the blunt truth is that to have the best of every single thing in Ghana, being wealthy or middle class is pre-requisite…sadly it doesn’t end at only health..


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